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    Hi! I am Binit Ghimire, a 18 years old undergraduate Computer Engineering student from Nepal, permanently residing in Bharatpur, Chitwan of Province 3. Currently, I am engaged in web development and web application penetration testing.

    I am highly active on social medias, especially Facebook, and sometimes I use Twitter and LinkedIn as well. I spend my free time learning about different things related to computing. I am also an active member in Ask Buddie, a technology-oriented help-and-support community on Facebook.

    Find “Ask Buddie” on Facebook:

    I like helping and supporting people solve their problems and issues regarding Computers and the Internet directly through social medias or by remotely accessing their devices, mainly related to Web Development, Web Application Penetration Testing, Web Server Setup and Maintenance, Web Designing, usage of different softwares and applications or resolving issues underlying in their assets.
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